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Seeds of Service Newsletter

The WPA Area 60 newsletter is published quarterly by the Area Committee. It is for AA members only. The opinions expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily that of the Area Committee or Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole.

Paper copies are distributed to DCM's at each regular quarterly meeting for redistribution to AA groups through their GSRs. A PDF copy of the newsletter is available below. It can also be sent electronically to DCMs and GSRs, if the Area Registrar has a correct email address.

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Do you have a question you'd like to see answered in the next issue of the Seeds of Service?
With our new Virtual Ask-It Basket section, you can ask any questions you'd like via the box below, or via email (to newsletter@wpaarea60.org) and we'll print your question with an informed answer in the next issue!

Current Newsletter

2018 Theme and Submission Deadlines

The 2018 theme for the General Service Conference is "AA - A Solution for All Generations".

Fall 2018 (Deadline 9/20)
"Group Conscience: The Guiding Force"

2019 Theme and Submission Deadlines

The 2019 theme for the General Service Conference is "Our Big Book - 80 Years, 71 Languages".

Winter 2019 (deadline 12/20)
"Our Meetings: Purposes, Needs, & Etiquette"

Spring 2019 (deadline 3/4)
"Yesterday' World - Our Legacies Begin"

Summer 2019 (deadline 6/4)
"Today's World - Demonstrating Integrity, Anonymity, and Service"

Fall 2019 (deadline 9/20)
"Tomorrow's World - Courage to be Vigilant"

Write for the Newsletter!

Suggested text length is 150 to 300 words. Artwork should be black and white, less than half a page (3x5 inches), and 300 dpi (dots per inch). Material should be generally relevant to the theme, and may be edited for clarity and length. All material submitted on time is reviewed, selected by topic, and may appear, based on available space. The newsletter does not publish song lyrics, tributes to individuals, prayers, plays, or anything unrelated to AA or that violates the principles of AA.

Please include your first name and last initial, district, and home group.

Send submissions via email to newsletter@wpaarea60.org

Previous Newsletters

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Washington, PA